Harmony with the nature

Zumra Nuru is the founder of Awra Amba, a small community based on brotherhood, peace, and mutual assistance.

In this village, decisions are taken democratically during communal assemblies. In the morning, the community decides which tasks they should focus on during the day. At the end of the month, every household receives a salary depending on their needs (children, adults, or elderly). Sometimes dubbed the Ethiopian kibbutz, the village is trying to achieve social harmony among its members. In practice, education and elderly care receive specific attention. Moreover, gender equality is promoted in the village’s principles.

But, Zumra also defends the harmony between humans and nature. On the hill overlooking the village, a dense forest is slowly expanding. Zumra pushes the community to plant more trees. If you want to learn more about his relationship with trees, you need to ask about his cap. When he was young, Zumra flew alone in the countryside. There, trees were a shelter for him. Since those days, he keeps this hat.

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