Singing the Nile

Mulugeta is our Ethiopian voice of the Nile. Since the very beginning of our stay in Baher Dar he helped us to get in contact with a lot of peole, to communicate when our Amharic was very limited.

Mule as everybody call him was born in the small city of Tiss Abay, around the Blue Nile Falls. He has the Nile deeply rooted in him, and the ondulation of his shoulders when he dances the eskista – the traditional dance of Ethiopia – recalls the rapid ondulation of the river.

During our many trips in the region, Mule would accompany us and was a friend providing us historical anecdotes as well as cultural information. But he is also a singer and walking along the Nile you would hear a soft “Abay, Abay” echoing. Mule had started to sing about the Nile.

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