Fighting plastic pollution

Estif is a 27 years-old inventor and engineer. After spending a year in the United States he decided to come back in Ethiopia to be useful to his country. 

After designing different sanitary facilities during the Covid-19 lockdown, he created a small social business recycling plastic in Bahir Dar. While waiting to get electricity he goes from hotel to hotel collecting plastic trash and used jerricans. He has invested in brand-new machines recycling plastic into new materials. 

He told us that this idea came after observing the city’s catastrophic waste management system. Hotels, restaurants, administrations or factories are rejecting their waste directly in the Nile or the lake. 

Estif is conscious that without proper awareness on the disastrous impact of plastic pollution on the environment, his initiative will be a drop in the water. Yet, environmental challenges and the desire to serve his community are only motivating him to do more for the common good.