The engineer serving its community

Ashaka was born in the small community of Awra Amba. She left the village to study hydrology and water engineering at Debre Tabor University. After graduating, rather than leaving to find a good position, she decided to come back to her village and help its inhabitants with her new knowledge.

The village, located in the Ethiopian highlands not far from Lake Tana, faces 3 months of heavy rainfalls and 9 months of relative water scarcity. Traditional rain-fed agriculture allows, for this reason, a single harvest per year.

When she came back to her birthplace, she started to study the hydrological specificity of the small valley where the village is. She is now focusing on implementing water storage to stock the abundant summer rains and providing enough water to irrigate all along the year. This could ensure her community food self-sufficiency.

By establishing solutions at her local level and by being committed to her community, Ashaka is a voice of the Nile.

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